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Beat Claustrophobia or Keep Climbing 24 Flights of Steps


Anitra Taylor (SOC WK ’99G):

My first day at Pitt was amazing. I still remember going into the room for my orientation and seeing the smiling faces. I was nervous and could not wait to meet my fellow social work students. I was fortunate to obtain almost a full scholarship through Pitt’s School of Social Work. Very humbled, I knew hard work lay ahead and I was ready for the academic challenge. Little did I know I would overcome several challenges during my brief 16-month program. I was claustrophobic and did not ride elevators, so of course I was just elated to find that all my classes were in the Cathedral of Learning—yes, the tallest academic building in the U.S. The first day of my classes I walk up to the 24th floor. After several stops on my flight I realized I had to either get over my fears or pack up my bags. I chose the former.