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From Enemy Roommates to Best Friends


Rebecca Gorecki (A&S '10):

Whitney was my randomly assigned freshman roommate, and although we were originally cordial to one another, we soon began to hate our living situation. We had different social lives, studying habits, and weekend plans. For the first month we plotted against each other and avoided interacting as much as possible. However, after the shock of our new lives wore off and we actually began learning about each other, everything changed. We grew as friends over the next year and decided to live with each other again as sophomores.

By the end of college we were best friends, having been through break-ups, break-ins, school troubles, vacations, and life decisions. My fiancé even made sure Whitney knew ahead of time the night he was going to propose to me. Now, I live in San Fransisco and she lives in Amman, Jordan, but we are constantly telling people how proud we are of one another and how grateful we are to have each other in our lives. I haven't seen Whitney since July of 2010 when she moved across the world, but I cannot wait until she arrives to stand next to me in my wedding in September. Our friendship is one of my most cherished memories from my time at Pitt.