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Sharing Pitt Memories

The First Roc?


Kathy Tosh (BUS ’99G):

Several years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a gold pendant with the Cathedral of Learning on it. Her father, David Patrick, who obtained both his undergraduate and medical degrees from Pitt (graduating in 1937), received this pendant at his 50th year class reunion. “What a neat gift,” I thought, given that I have worked at Pitt since 1994 and I am an alumnus of the Katz Graduate School of Business. She then told me that “Patpop” had been the first Pitt mascot named ROC. I was not able to officially confirm her belief, but family members shared Patpop’s old stories about the year ROC was named and the team won the Rose Bowl. I proudly wear his pendant to all Pitt sporting events I attend.