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Leading the Discussion on Race


“As the nation continues to recover from an economic downturn, there has never been a better time to reexamine and correct racial inequalities,” says Pitt School of Social Work Dean Larry E. Davis.

Davis directs Pitt’s Center for Race and Social Problems, which focuses on a multiracial perspective rather than concentrating solely on Black and White Americans. Another scholar involved in Pitt’s efforts to address racial issues is John Wallace, who holds Pitt's Philip Hallen Chair in Community Health and Social Justice. Wallace’s studies reveal bleak futures for young African American men who are disconnected from mentors and/or positive male figures.

Racial disparities were the focus of a Pitt-hosted Race in America forum, presented by CRSP in 2010 and arguably the most comprehensive conference on resolving racial disparities ever held in this country. Besides holding conferences, CRSP mentors emerging scholars and hosts a monthly speaker series.