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Pitt Student Sets Course to Universe


Francine Denise McCauley (EDUC '89G):

While serving as assistant director of Asian Studies under Burkart Holzner, I dreamed of returning to the classroom as a “more mature student.” I went to an appointment with Jane Lohman, knees shaking and heart breaking in advance, worried she would not accept me into the graduate program. To my elation, she accepted me and I began the uphill trek, first through the Graduate School of Public and International Health (GSPIA) and then into Pitt’s School of Education for a PhD.

It was scary for a single mother, but the example I set for my two children inspired them both to go to college, graduate, and become a teacher and a doctor, respectively. My late husband and I attended Pitt’s 200th anniversary celebration 25 years ago, after our return from Semester at Sea with [Pitt theatre arts professor] Attilio Favorini as Dean of the S.S. Universe; I only wish my husband could see this new celebration of Pitt’s latest anniversary.