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Some Things Are Meant to Be


Jana Sestili (A&S '92):

During my sophomore year, I met my best friend for life through our circle of friends. He was a Pitt football player who, as a lineman, was this gigantic 300-pound teddy bear. He was the sweetest guy and the best friend a girl could ever have—fun to be around, trustworthy, and extremely sensitive to a girl's every need or issue! Funny thing is, he tried to act like he wasn't all those things! From the day we met we were thick as thieves and did everything together. My dad, a Pitt alum and the greatest Pitt football fan, felt his life was complete when he met the big guy.
Seventeen years later, the big guy and I are still best friends, and he is an amazing husband and father to our two wonderful boys—both likely to end up just like the 300-pound teddy bear, and they are lucky to be just like him!  When he walks into a room, I still feel the same butterflies that I did way back when, and I can easily recall all of our great memories together at Pitt. We were, are, and always will be connected to Pitt for life. After all, that's where our story began.

Hail to Pitt!